this is a section for miscellaneous utilities we've coded (if not otherwise mentioned). all programs should run on [win9x..win10], 32bit as well as 64bit. if you encounter problems feel free to let us know. you can download the latest versions of:

      CD/DVD/BR-Disk Compiler v1.2.8 - last update: Sat, 23.05.2020
      RekSFV v1.8.3 - last update: Thu, 23.04.2020
      mathtrainer v1.1.3 - last update: Mon, 23.03.2020
      MP3Releaser (aka MP3/MPC/OGG/FLAC-Releaser) v3.8.2 - last update: Tue, 23.04.2019
      .nG! v1.0.7 - last update: Sat, 23.03.2019
      mCopy v0.9.8 - last update: Tue, 23.12.2014
      USB DriveLetterManagerConfigurator v0.9.2 - last update: Sun, 23.09.2012
      jane winamp plugin v1.0.8 - last update: Sat, 23.06.2012
      binaryclokk v1.3.3 - last update: Wed, 23.05.2012
      xls2s7 v1.1.5 - last update: Tue, 23.11.2010
      ClrPckr v0.2.2 - last update: Tue, 23.06.2009

in case you have any requests, bugreports or comments feel free to contact us, thanks in advance!

(01) binaryclokk v1.3.3, dated: Wed, 23.05.2012, get it as installation bundle (329 kB) or exe bundle (246 kB). purpose: displaying the local time/date as binary data. so it's just another binary clock (millions of other similar programs/applets are around) therefore coded just for fun - geek! :) put it "always on top", with "leds only" and "click-through" features, there are some settings to play with, enjoy!

screenshot of binaryclokk

(02) jane winamp plugin v1.0.8, dated: Sat, 23.06.2012, get it here (407 kB) extract the files to your winamp plugin directory, and use the shortcut to scan currently played file's folder for an information file. might be obsolete for those (like me) who use AutoHotKey, in this case simply do this: Run %sJaneAppPath% "%filepath%" where sJaneAppPath = %A_ProgramFiles%\jane\jane.exe for opening the corresponding .nfo file of played folder.

screenshot of the jane winamp plugin

(03) RekSFV v1.8.3, dated: Thu, 23.04.2020, get it as installation bundle (1215 kB) or exe bundle (1063 kB). it checks folders/disks with *.sfv/*.md5/*.sha1/*.sha256/*.sha512 files recursively. simply drop folders to this tool, RekSFV will check all these filetypes found and display the results while checking one directory after another. might be useful when scanning multiple folders or a complete harddisk to get an overview of good/bad or incomplete folder(s) - or just to be sure that file integrity is still given. supporting the creation of checksum files, too. currently available in 6 languages: english, german, swedish, chinese, russian and polish.

screenshot of RekSFV

(04) xls2s7 v1.1.5, dated: Tue, 23.11.2010, get it as installation bundle (338 kB) or exe bundle (254 kB). converts clipboard from excel to s7 format when you prefer using excel sometimes instead of the step7 kop/fup/awl editor (normally you can't insert excel clipboard to step7 back again, use xls2s7 in this case). programmers who use siemens step7 might know what i mean. additionally you can easily make a excel makro: Selection.Copy and the call of xls2s7db with the /Auto switch (if you don't get this done then message me, i can supply you this one) - which will convert the content with one additional button in excel, being able to paste afterwards into the S7 KOP/FUP/AWL editor. if there is any really simple method, which makes this tool obsolete then let us know, please.

screenshot of xls2s7db

(05) .nG! v1.0.7, dated: Sat, 23.03.2019, get it as installation bundle (607 kB) or exe bundle (516 kB). it's an nfo file generator, using skeleton files you might already know. fills all the fields you use/defined with your content, and can create a package of a dropped file containing sfv/rar/zip (external packer required) and the nfo. if you don't know what skl files are for then you probably don't need this tool. read the readme.nfo to learn how to use it, or ask around since some people already use it. and you might want to use a proper font :)

screenshot of .nG!

(06) CD/DVD/BR-Disk Compiler v1.2.8, dated: Sat, 23.05.2020, get it as installation bundle (970 kB) or exe bundle (873 kB). creates directories with many folders inside that fit exactly on CD/DVD/BR-Disks or any other (external) target afterwards.

screenshot of CD/DVD/BR-DIsk Compiler

looking for MorGoTH's one? last version was v0.2.1, dated: Tue, 10.12.2002, but don't expect any updates/changes (since there's no sourcecode) - and don't ask us anything about it. but you still can get it here (257 kB) ...

(07) ClrPckr v0.2.2, dated: Tue, 23.06.2009, get it as installation bundle (327 kB) or exe bundle (251 kB). purpose: picks a color from screen, tells you BGR in dec/hex. systemwide shortcut, preview in tray ... coded just for fun - quick 'n dirty, basing on an application i've seen with quite a similar name. now additionally showing the hex code in RGB order, for non-html usage like in WinCC/VB etc.

screenshot of colpik

(08) mCopy v0.9.8, dated: Tue, 23.12.2014, get it as installation bundle (352 kB) or exe bundle (268 kB). purpose: copies the content of your (e.g. mp3 "backup" :) cdrs/dvdrs back to harddisk (cd+dvdr2hdd) again. automatically detects the insertion and will reject the cdr/dvdr after copying your data. it seems that there's a growing interest in a tool like this, so putting the status from private to public after a year ;) ... keep in mind, that this tool was made the very, very quick'n dirty way ... but anyway, enjoy! in case you have any requests, bugreports or comments: you know how to handle this, thanks in advance.

screenshot of mCopy

(09) mathtrainer v1.1.3, dated: Mon, 23.03.2020, get it as exe bundle (1170 kB) or as installation bundle (1320 kB) purpose: enhance your (child's :) math skills. primary made for my daughter, maybe other parents might find this useful, too.

screenshot of mathtrainer

(10) MorGoTH's MP3Releaser v3.8.2, dated: Tue, 23.04.2019, get it as exe bundle (863 kB). originally created by MorGoTH in 1998 when only a few knew what this tool has a use for, he has given the sources to us awhile ago and we did some fixes and added some features in the meantime (since 2004, but distributed it in a very, very private way :)
so this tool has been developed to be actually a MP3/MPC/OGG/FLAC-Releaser. if you find bugs or need new features don't hesitate to contact us!

screenshot of mp3releaser

(11) USB DriveLetterManagerConfigurator v0.9.2, dated: Sun, 23.09.2012, get it as exe bundle (424 kB). created to make the editing of uwe sieber's usbdrivelettermanager's configuration a bit easier, you might have a use for it. if you find bugs or need new features don't hesitate to contact us!

screenshot of USBDLMC